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REGIS, the Registrar’s Information System, is available within access.caltech.

Due to the high number of users on registration day, IMSS recommends students use this direct link to REGIS  You’ll  be prompted to login to access.caltech, but after logging in you’ll end up directly on the Regis Home page instead of the access.caltech home page.

In Regis...

Students can:

  • Enroll in courses during the registration period
  • View current class schedule, including a grid calendar view of courses
  • View their unofficial transcripts
  • Request official transcripts
  • View midterm and final grades, including freshmen progress comments during your freshmen year
  • Check their degree requirements and how they are progressing toward their degree

Advisers can:

  • Approve their advisees' course schedules
  • Review advisees' transcripts, degree audits, and graduate degree progress

Instructors can:

  • View class roll sheet, including the ability to email the students and export the list
  • Enter midterm and final grades, as well as shadow grades and freshmen progress comments for first year undergraduates

Department Personnel can:

  • View class roll sheets for all courses within their department
  • View transcripts, undergraduate degree audits and graduate degree progress for students within their department

Please note that REGIS is not a replacement for face-to-face meetings between students and advisers.

The Student Affairs Division, Office of the Registrar, and IMSS solicit your suggestions for enhancing web enrollment and other student services as we move forward to utilize technology to provide better service to the Caltech community. Comments and feedback can be sent to

We have provided the information below to help acquaint you with the system.

updated 12/7/2017