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Frequently Asked Questions - REGIS

General Questions

When can I access REGIS?

We strive for 24 x 7 availability during the enrollment period. Outside of the enrollment period, REGIS may be taken down for regular maintenance on Thursdays between 6 PM and Midnight.

I forgot my username and/or password. Can I have it reset?

If you have logged onto REGIS at least once, please contact IMSS Helpdesk at 626-395-3500 (x3500 from campus phones) to reset your password or retrieve your username.

Can I access REGIS from off-campus?


Is there a time-out limit?

Yes, REGIS will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If you time out, you will be redirected to the logon screen.

REGIS is not working! What can I do?

First, please make sure that your system meets the system requirements.  If you are still experiencing problems, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Who created REGIS?

REGIS is a collaboration between the Registrar's Office and IMSS (Information Management Systems and Services). Development of REGIS was done by IMSS based upon specifications from the Registrar's Office.

What does REGIS stand for?

Although the name REGIS was derived from the word "registrar" and initially had no meaning as an acronym, it has been suggested that it could represent the REGistrar's Information System.

Where can I get help with REGIS?

Please see the REGIS Help page.

Where can I give feedback about REGIS?

Please use email to provide your feedback on the REGIS system. We welcome your comments and will review all suggestions for possible inclusion in future versions.

Questions from Students

My adviser is out of town, how can I get approval in REGIS?

Graduate students may contact their Option Representative for approval. Undergraduate students may contact either their Option Representative or the Undergraduate Deans for approval. In the event that the Option Representatives or Deans are not available, please contact the Registrar's office.

The course/section I want is full. Is there a waiting list?

At present REGIS does not provide waiting list functionality. There is a possibility that during the enrollment period, someone may remove themselves from the course. You can try checking the course periodically, to see if there is an open seat. Or, you may use an Add/Drop card to obtain the instructor's permission any time before Add Day.

What does "Enrolled NC" mean?

Enrolled NC means Enrolled for No Credit. If you select this option, you will not receive any units for the course and it will not affect your GPA. However, the final grade earned will be reflected on your transcript.

I really need to enroll in two courses that meet at the same time, but REGIS won't let me!

It is Institute policy* that students may not enroll in two courses that meet at the same time. However, if you wish to enroll in two courses that meet at the same time, enroll in one of the courses online, and sign up for the second course using an Orange Add/Drop Time Conflict card. Your adviser's signature will be required as well as the signatures of both instructors whose classes conflict.
*See the 2009-10 Caltech Catalog page 341.

Will I lose my seat in a limited-enrollment course if my adviser does not approve my schedule?

No. Once you save your enrollment in any course, you are enrolled in the course, even if your adviser does not approve your schedule. However, if your schedule is not approved by the end of the enrollment period, you may be removed from the course.

Where are the Cambridge, Copenhagen, and University College London courses?

All study abroad courses can be found under the Study Abroad department with the REGIS department abbreviation "SA."

The information about me on the Academic Info page is wrong. How do I get it changed?

Some of my classes have Organizational Meetings (OM) that conflict with other classes I want to take. Will I be able to enroll?

Yes. OM's should not cause a time conflict. If you are having problems with an OM, please contact the Registrar's Office.

I want to overload, but REGIS won't let me.

In order to overload, you must complete an Overload Petition (PDF).

How do I save my schedule?

REGIS saves each course when you press the "Save" link as you are enrolling. If you need to leave the system or the system times out, all of your saved course enrollments will be preserved.

My research adviser is not on the list of sections for the research course.

Please contact the Registrar's Office at x6297 (Graduate Desk).

I submitted my schedule to my adviser in error.

Contact your adviser and ask him or her to release your schedule by pressing the "Request Meeting with Advisee" button.

Whoops, the enrollment period has ended and I didn't get approval from my adviser. What do I do now?

How and when will I receive the validation sticker for my ID card?

Validation stickers are no longer produced. If you need verification of current enrollment, please stop by the Registrar's Office.

Questions from Advisers

Not all of my advisees are listed, or there are students on my list whom I do not advise.

As an Option Representative, what are my responsibilities?

Students may be contacting you to provide schedule approvals in the absence of their advisers. In that case, please review for approval that adviser's entire list of advisees.

I am going to be out of town during the enrollment period. How can I make approvals?

You have several courses of action in this case. (1) REGIS is available outside the Caltech domain allowing you to log on from anywhere; (2) Communicate with your Option Representative and request him/her to handle approvals for you during your absence (please inform your advisees of this); or (3) Contact the Registrar's office and the staff can enter approvals for you.

What happens if I choose "Request Meeting with Advisee"?

If you choose "Request Meeting with Advisee" an email will be sent to your advisee notifying him/her to contact you immediately. It would be helpful to the student if you also sent him/her an email indicating the reason why you are not approving the schedule. Your advisee can then make changes to his/her schedule and re-submit the revised schedule to you for approval.

I chose "Request Meeting with Advisee" but now I want to approve the schedule.

You can "approve" a schedule after having "requested a meeting" it if the student has not made any changes to their schedule. Just return to the student's schedule and press the Approve button. However, if the student has already made changes, the student will need to resubmit the schedule to you before you can approve it.

My advisee submitted his/her schedule to to me in error.

Please log on to REGIS and press the "Request Meeting with Advisee" button on the student's schedule. The schedule will be released back to the student, who can then make any changes necessary and resubmit the schedule to you.

I was not able to provide approvals for all of my advisees before the end of the enrollment period.

updated 02/17/2010