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Scholastic Grading

The following system of grades is used to indicate the character of a student's scholastic accomplishment:

A - Excellent
B - Good
C - Satisfactory
D - Poor
E - Conditioned
F - Failed
I - Incomplete
P - Passed

Finer graduations may be indicated by a + or - following the letter grade except that the grade of D- is not given.  This applies to both graduate and undergraduate students.

The grade E indicates deficiencies that may be made up without actually repeating the subject.  When the required work is completed the grade is changed to the appropriate letter or to P if the student is a freshman or if the course has been taken on a pass/fail basis.  A grade of E is not considered in computing the grade-point average.

The grade of I may be given by an administrator if authorized by the appropriate Committee (Graduate Study for graduate students, Undergraduate Academic Standards and Honors for undergraduates).  Normally, by arrangement with the Committees, grade of I for graduate students will be authorized by the Dean of Graduate Studies and the undergraduates by the Dean of Students.  The grade I is given only in case sickness or other emergency has prevented the student from completing the work at the usual time.  When the work is completed the appropriate letter grade is given or a P if the student is a freshman or if the course is taken on a pass/fail basis.  A grade of I is excluded from computations of the grade-point average.  Any authorized I will be recorded as an E.

The grades of E or I in any term's work must be removed during the next term in residence by the date fixed for the removal of conditions and incompletes unless the instructor has specified a later date.  Students receiving such grades should consult with their instructors no later than the beginning of the next term in residence.  Any condition or incomplete not so removed becomes a failure.

F (Failed) means that credit may be secured only be repeating the course.

P (Passed) is used for all freshmen in place  of A, B, C or D for their first 2 terms.  P is also used in most research and seminar courses which do not lend themselves to more specific grading.  The proper use of P/F grading is discussed in more detail in the catalog.

If no grade is indicated by the instructor an F will be recorded. 


last updated: 09/18/2008